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s. Handbook to the different roles

Use as reply-to address

Overview of all users marked as reply-to addresses.
If someone replies to an automated email they receive when they submit a report, their message will be sent to all reply-to addresses.

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Click to define which reports are publicly visible with which status
(If box is ticked, reports can be seen by cyclists in their login area and on the municipality subpage):


Click to define which report reasons are available to cyclists
(If box is ticked, report reason is visible to cyclists when they submit a report):

Period during which cyclists are able to submit reports

Change the processing status of all reports currently visible on your map at once.

Use the filter as required to narrow down the reports currently visible according to precise criteria. When filtering, pay particular attention to selection of the processing status so that you do not change any positive reports or processed reports, for instance!

This action can be undone within the next 48 hours! A corresponding button will then appear.


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Embedded map

Use the following HTML code to embed the public RADar! map in your municipality website:

Contact information

Set/change the contact information that is publicly visible on the map.


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